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John Petrocelli-C.H.

The NYC Hypnosis Center, LLC

President & Founder of the World's Largest Hypnosis Study Intensive -
Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers

Executive Director & Founder
The Society of Applied Hypnosis

Dear John,

I want to thank you for the life changing experiences you have given me. To say you have helped me change would be unfair. What has happened is more of a transformation. To begin with, for the first time in my life, I am able to focus my thoughts. I have, in the past, struggled painfully with trying to focus. I am now able to sit and complete work from beginning to end without any frustration. NO FRUSTRATION is a first for me. My thoughts are clear and concise. I can think a problem through without the pain of distractions. I am even able to spell with more accuracy. (I had been diagnosed with Dyslexia). I am even able to read and understand my investment statements for the first time. Having the ability to focus has then led to an increase in memory. For the last ten years I have been unable to remember even the simpliest of things, again causing much stress and aggravation. Keeping track of daily tasks had become a chore in of itself. Now I flow through my day with almost total recall. I remember names, places, times and even stopped getting lost when driving. This is actually a shock to me. This has reduced my stress significantly. This is only the beginning of the changes. Every day I am more and more alert and clear minded. In the job arena I have been able to reorganized to simplify and be more productive. I am far more effective with my clients which is evidenced by the assistance they have received from me.

The physical changes I have noticed are clear. I sleep well and wake RESTED and full of enthusiasm and energy looking forward to what the day holds. My energy level has increased drastically as well as my ability to work harder and longer.

Overall my stamina has increased. I have also been struggling with excess weight (40 pounds or more) for over 12 years. I had been unable to lose the weight and what little I did lose, I would gain back almost immediately. I am now eating a healthy diet with ease. There is no resistance to exercising either. I love to move and look forward to it daily. I have not checked the scale to see if I am losing weight because it is no longer a concern for me, agin reducing my overall stress. I also have struggled with tight ligaments and tendons as well as arthritis. I have regained a significant level of flexibility and range of motion in my joints. I have literally released the weight of past problems. I can move through the world with grace and ease. I am lighter, happier and healthier. On a more personal level, I have spent a lifetime viewing myself as a victim. I was always afraid and unable to handle confilict in an effective way. Often, I was taken advantage of due to the energy I was emitting. I was even the 'blacksheep' within my family even though I had achieved the highest level of education within the family. I had been viewed as the one who was unable to make positive life choices. Of course there was some self-fulfilling behavior involved. However, I have changed my personal view. I no longer feel like a victim. I have changed my expectations and therefore changed my energy. I now expect and receive the highest level of respect. I felt the strength to take my ex-husband to court to force him to pay his child support. He owed me for more than a year's support. The judge assigned that day I had had contact with before. The last time we had met, it became clear that he was in the pocket of my ex-husband's lawyer. It came out later that the lawyer was well known as being completely unscrupulous and had been placed in jail because of it. I was again to face this same judged with the same lawyer. I simply did not accept this and expected for some reason I would have to face this situation again. Upon arrival to the courthouse, it was announced that there was a last minute change of judges! It was the first time ever that I was so relaxed in a conflictual situation that I actually laughed out loud at my ex-husband's testimony. My lawyer had to 'shush me."

Needless to say the outcome was in my favor. I also became keenly aware of the languaging my family used with me. I again, had been labeled the loser in the family. I began looking to see where this image was being projected from. I called my father one day and told him about an accomplishment I had just achieved and he responded negatively. Well, it didn't tak a rocket scientist to figure that one out and yet, I had been unable to see that for 40 years.

The next time I spoke with him I shared again some good news, the outcome of the trial in fact, and he was completely different. He was supportive and encouraging. This is the first time in my life that I can remember this happening. I changed what I expected and what I received was just what I expected. I couldn't have done this without you John. I am NO LONGER afraid of confict. I even stood up to my Supervisor who had been blaming me for other people's mistakes.

My personality has also changed drastically. I used to get very irritable for no apparent reason. I would lose my temper over the smallest of things especially with my 12 year old son. He would ask me what was wrong. I was unable to answer him. Often it felt as if someone else was speaking through me. I seemed to have no control over this behavior.. This was very inconsistent with the way I truly felt. I no longer have these angry episodes. I am calm and am listening without any effort. My son asked me what has changed because I am now able to listen to him without getting angry. I have been so angry, often about so many things my family, feeling victimized, feeling weak, being unable to focus, etc ... that I was unable to enjoy the simpliest pleasures of life. Now I am calm, CALM. I am noticing the things I truly love like the lady bugs on the leaves of my apple tree, watching the fireflies in the cool night air, and feeling the joy when my son laughs at the silliest of things.

I have a new life. I am a better me. My quality of life is so much improved that I am unable to express the joy I feel.

I will be forever grateful to you for the unbelievable gifts you have given me.

You have given me the GIFT OF ME.

I can now go forward with my life and prosper in relationships both earthly and spiritually, as well as financially.

Our language doesn't give us the words to show appreciation at the level I truly feel it. Please accept what I have to give. The knowledge that yu have healed my pain, and given me the rest of my life.

In love and light,

Wendy Sue Dixon, MA, BCBA, Cht

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